Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare works towards adapting the current structure and process of developing Cochrane evidence to increase its health information output on issues relevant to sustainability in healthcare. We do this through a broad collaboration with the Cochrane network and external partners with the aim of addressing gaps in the evidence base and to build bridges both externally and internally within Cochrane entities to avoid organisational silos. 

Through our research projects, we aim to:

  • To develop fundamental reforms to evidence production and synthesis methods, so that research on medical diagnoses and interventions addresses potential harms as well as benefits. 
  • To push for a broad consideration of resource use at all steps in the evidence chain in order to promote a more sensible prioritization of financial and human resources for societies and to take the treatment burden for individual patients adequately into account.
  • To contribute to research on when and how de‐implementation and de‐intensification of medical interventions and diagnoses is best done, without causing harm to patients, de‐professionalizing clinicians, or counteracting shared decision‐making processes.