How you can be a part of Cochrane

Cochrane’s 11,000 members and over 68,000 supporters come from more than 130 countries, worldwide. Our volunteers and contributors are researchers, health professionals, patients, carers, and people passionate about improving health outcomes for everyone, everywhere. Our global independent network gathers and summarizes the best evidence from research to help you make informed choices about treatment and we have been doing this for over 25 years.


We do not accept commercial or conflicted funding. This is vital for us to generate authoritative and reliable information, working freely, unconstrained by commercial and financial interests.

There a number of ways you can join Cochrane. You cannot pay for Cochrane membership, but rather attain membership by supporting Cochrane in a number of ways:

  • Become a Cochrane citizen scientist through Cochrane Crowd, which is for anyone wanting to join and contribute to our efforts.
  • Help people with their reviews and knowledge translation tasks through our Cochrane Task Exchange platform
  • Support our translation project by translating summaries of Cochrane evidence in to many different languages
  • If you have significant time and expertise to contribute to Cochrane’s work, you may be interested in becoming an author or peer reviewer on a Cochrane Review
  • Participate in the Cochrane International Mobility Programme, which is aimed for anyone interested in placement positions at Cochrane

Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare welcomes anyone interested in for example producing, translating, summarising or communicating about sustainable healthcare, if you are interested in contributing to our Field, then you are welcome to contact Minna Johansson.