Our team and contributors


Minna Johansson, PhD - Sweden

Minna Johansson is a family physician at Herrestads Healthcare Centre in Uddevalla, Sweden and a researcher at Cochrane Sweden. She leads the development and scope of Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare.

Her research interests include evaluation of benefits and harms of screening, shared decision making and patient centered care, overdiagnosis/medicalization, and how values and context can be integrated in evidence-based medicine.

Email: Minna Johansson

Professor Eva Madrid - Chile

Eva is a professor at the School of Medicine University of Valparaíso in Chile. She is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Health Studies and the Leader of the Cochrane Associate Centre (Cochrane Chile) at the University of Valparaíso.

Karin Kopitowski, MD - Argentina

Karin is a family physician and Head of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires and Chair of the Research Department at Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Juan Franco, MD, MSc - Argentina

Juan is a family physician and researcher. He directs the local Cochrane Centre at Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (Cochrane Argentina). He is the Editor-In-Chief of BMJ EBM, contact editor for the Cochrane Urology Group and a member of Cochrane's Governing Board.

Karsten Juhl Jørgensen - Denmark

Karsten is a Senior Researcher at Cochrane Denmark and a member of Cochrane's Governing Board. He is also a member of the Advisory Board for Cochrane Sweden and the Advocacy Advisory Group for Cochrane. He currently serves on the scientific committee for the Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference 2021.

Professor Mike Clarke - Northern Ireland

Mike is Co-ordinating Editor of the Cochrane Methodology Review Group, is based in Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is also Director of the Northern Ireland Methodology Hub and Northern Ireland Clinical Trials Unit. His interests include how the conclusions of Cochrane Reviews can be used to inform practice and research.

Loai Albarqouni, MD, MSc, PhD - Australia

Loai is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Academic at the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare (IEBH), Bond University, Australia. His research expertise includes evidence synthesis, evidence-based practice, shared decision making, and overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

Professor Steven Woloshin, MD, MS - USA

Steven is a general internist, Director of the Centre for Medicine and the Media at the Dartmouth Institute, and serves on the Cochrane Library’s Editorial Board. He is a founding board member of the Preventing Overdiagnosis conference and serves on their scientific committee, and is the founder of the Lisa Schwartz Foundation for Truth in Medicine. He has worked to improve the communication of medical evidence to physicians, journalists, policymakers, and the public to help them see through excessive fear and hope created by exaggerated and selective reporting in medical journals, advertising, and the news.

Assistant Professor Ray Moynihan

Ray Moynihan is an experienced academic researcher with an international profile, and a background as an award-winning author and journalist. Currently he is Senior Research Fellow and Assistant Professor at the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice at Bond University, where he completed his PhD titled Preventing Overdiagnosis in 2015. In March 2017 he won a prestigious NHMRC Early Career Fellowship. Ray Moynihan is also co-creator and co-host of our podcast, "The Recovery".